Duvall, PhD, ABPP-CN

Associate Professor, Neuropsychologist

Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. Duvall is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. She specializes in neuropsychological assessment with children and young adults, with a focus on understanding how the developing brain is working in daily life within the current medical and psychosocial context of each individual. As a neuropsychologist, she specializes in the assessment of cognitive function (IQ, attention, memory, visual motor skills, executive function, planning, organization, behavior and processing speed) in conjunction with emotional and mental health. She enjoys working with children and young adults with special healthcare needs and sees patients through the Autism Program, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program and the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center.  Her research interests focus on the development of executive function, outcomes in children born very low birth weight or prematurely, autism spectrum disorder, and cognition in children with brain tumors.  Dr. Duvall is also very interested in cultural and individual differences that impact coping, functional outcome, diagnosis and treatment in these populations.