CTIP Vendors

CTIP achieves its mission to support Pediatric medical device innovators on their journey from concept to commercialization by working with experienced vendors and consultants in the MedTech Ecosystem. In order to reduce risk, we carefully vet vendors based on their track record, experience, willingness, and ability to meet timelines and criteria.

CTIP Vendor Onboarding

CTIP Vendor Onboarding is the process of guiding new vendors into our network. 

Contact info@ctipmedtech.org to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vendors are eligible to participate in the CTIP program?

We work with US based Vendors and Suppliers.

Are there fees associated with CTIP vendor set up?
No. There are no fees associated with our vendor setup.

Who should I contact with payment/invoice inquiries?
Please contact us at info@ctipmedtech.org

Where should my company send remittance changes and/or mergers/acquisitions changes?
Please submit an updated W9 to info@ctipmedtech.org

How should my company handle credit memos and refund checks due to CTIP?
If your company owes funds to CTIP, please send a credit memo to info@ctipmedtech.org clearly specifying the information related to the credit/refund.

I'm a vendor and I want to talk to someone at CTIP, what do I need to do?
We are happy to chat, please email us at info@ctipmedtech.org and we will set up a call to answer your questions.