CTIP Announces KidsX MedTech Partnership

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - January 13, 2023 - The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP), an FDA funded MedTech accelerator supporting pediatric device innovators from concept to commercialization, and KidsX, a global ecosystem of pediatric hospitals focused on transforming pediatric care through digital health innovation, are announcing KidsX MedTech to help pediatric medical device companies engage with consortium institutions and bring safe and effective technologies across the globe to deliver high-quality care to the pediatric population. 

KidsX will enable CTIP portfolio companies to be connected with over 40 children’s hospitals globally to receive feedback and advice from clinicians in different specialties. Additionally, KidsX facilities will have the opportunity to become potential pilot sites for clinical studies and product trials. Leveraging this ecosystem and clinical expertise can help enable devices to progress from concept to commercialization.

“Pediatric medical devices lag behind their adult counterparts by 10-15 years, and there are a number of significant financial, regulatory, and engineering challenges that need to be addressed to close that gap,” said Dr. Juan Espinoza, Director and Principal Investigator of CTIP.  “By expanding the community of institutions and individuals that are helping to bring pediatric-specific innovations to market, we can create more opportunities to collaborate and close a major health inequity.”

CTIP has over 100 portfolio companies at various stages of development and device classes located in the United States. Through this partnership, KidsX facilities will have the opportunity to learn about and implement ground-breaking innovations that could be helpful to their pediatric populations.

“Collaboration amongst pediatric hospitals is crucial towards accelerating innovation”, said Omkar Kulkarni, Founder and Managing Director of KidsX. “and KidsX has been a strong example demonstrating the power of bringing the top hospitals together with a common purpose.”

About KidsX

KidsX is a global ecosystem of pediatric innovators, anchored by a consortium of the leading children’s hospitals motivated to partner with early stage digital health companies to transform pediatric care. Learn more at https://www.kidsx.health/

About CTIP

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) is an FDA-funded pediatric MedTech accelerator centered at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Our goal is to facilitate the development, production, and distribution of pediatric medical devices by identifying companies working in the space and providing advice, networking, and direct and indirect financial support on the road to commercialization. Learn more at https://www.westcoastctip.org/ 

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